Line Blaster Cleans Like no Other Product
Line Blaster Won't Harm Your Plants
Line Blaster Cleans Irrigation Lines & Emitters
Line Blaster Works Quickly & Safelly
Safe on All Plants, even Liners, Alfalfa & Bean Sprous
Line Blaster Cleans Cool Cells Safely
Quick Removall of All Types of Deposits
Line Blaster Cleans Spaghetti Tubes, Micro Jets, etc.
Easy to Clean Micto Jets
Nursery Blaster Works Inatantly on Contact
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Make Your Own Moisture Control
Potting Mix/Soil
Cleans Floors, Benches,
Tables, Equipment, etc.
Breaks Up Deposits
in Cool Cells
Keeps it Clean for 21 Days
* Based on 50 gpm flow rate
*Cost  $5.35 per Zone
*Cost  $5.34 per Hour
*Cost  $2.67 per Hour
Line Blaster Removes Blockages
in Irrigation Systems & Emitters